Track time 

Forecast productivity

Get things done as fast as you can think. 




Track your working time

Fast and easy input

Choose to log your activities at the beginning of the day, on the fly or after your work is done.

Launch tasks in one click

With our Chrome extension, you are always one click away from your time-tracking app. Just click on “Start” to launch your tasks.

Easily manage your activities of the day

Select your recurring tasks in one click to add them to your activities of the day. Work faster by setting up a default project and minimal duration.

Get useful statistics

Quickly overview your time spent on tasks per day or per week.


Work offline

Offline tracking mode

Your tasks will keep running no matter where you are, even if internet connectivity is not available.


Hours tracked offline are synced to your account once you’re back online.


Manage your employees

Create and assign projects

Organize your employees workload by assigning them tasks and projects.

Grant access rights

Managers can allow or restrict backend access to their employees in a few clicks.

Approve timesheets

Get an overview of your employees timesheet and approve them.

Overview employee's activities

Monitor your employees performances by project or by task.



Timesheet analysis

Get statistics about billable hours, billable amount, uninvoiced amounts, etc.

Timesheet profit

Easily review your employee’s performance by measuring the profitability of their projects.




Connect timesheets with payroll for accurate and on time payments.

Automate invoicing and billing based on timesheet inputs. Send recurring and professional-looking invoices to your customers. 

Human resources
Check and manage employees attendance and worked hours. 

Keep track of the time spent by project, client or tasks.